ASU And Arizona Square Off In The Biggest Territorial Cup In Decades

Dated: 11/28/2014

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I grew up in Tucson, prior to moving to the "Valley Of The Sun" in 2001.  As a result, I was a die hard University Of Arizona Wildcat fan.  Most U of A football seasons were roller coaster rides...Having a team that was almost good enough, but rarely finishing with a satisfying season.  

While there was the Desert Swarm Defense in the 90's and the Wildcats huge win over Nebraska in the 1998 Holiday Bowl, there was far too many disappointments, in what felt like every season.  Regardless, beating ASU in the Territorial Cup always made it OK, if we lost, it just added to the agony.  
 This year I am predicting will be different.  Arizona and ASU square off today in the 1st meeting with both teams ranked since 1986, and I have a feeling the Wildcats are not only going to beat the Sun Devils, but will finish with their best season ever.  I have to admit that living in the Valley for thirteen years has caused me to become somewhat of an Arizona/Arizona State dual fan (my apologies to my friends and family down South) but today I am all Navy and Crimson (my apologies to my friends and family in the Valley.)  
Check out the game preview here:  Arizona Vs Arizona State
If U of A loses...We always have basketball season!  
Bear Down, Arizona!  

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