Mar 18 2015 Rates On The Rise

Dated: 03/18/2015

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Wednesday, March 18th. The Federal Reserve Chairman did not raise the rates but did hint that a rate increase could be in the near future. There is no way of knowing when that will happen, but it is going to happen. It's not happening in April, but the Fed hasn't ruled it out for June. So what does that mean for home buyers and sellers.

For those considering listing their home for sale, do not is the time. The impending rate increase will have buyers coming off the sidelines in large numbers. Now is a great time to get your home on the market.

For Buyers it means don't wait. If you want to buy, buy now while the interest rates are at historic lows. Waiting will mean you can afford less house. For some people that is OK, but if you are in a tight price point and a lowering of your buying power could mean not getting into the neighborhood or home you want. 

With confirmation that zero interest rates are going to end from the Fed it is "GO" time - time to stop watching to see what is happening in the market and get your home on the market! It's time to talk to a lender and get ready to purchase a home NOW while the rates are low!

What are are you waiting for? Call me to get started looking for a home today!

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